• Competition law

    Realistic and practical advice in European and national Competition law. Antitrust by design in the development of products and services. Competition law due diligences and review of contracts, corporate transactions and joint ventures.

    Competition damage claims against national and international cartels.
    Antitrust compliance and public procurement, self cleaning and prevention of collusion.
    Review of distribution structures in the European Union.

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  • International contracts

    Individual and realistic solutions for all type of international contracts.

    International litigation

     Agency and distribution agreements.

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  • European law

    Advice in European law.

    Representation and complaints before the European Commission and European Courts.

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  • Energy Law (in cooperation with KEE Law Rechtsanwälte)

    Advice in renewable energies (DD, M&A, Project finance, PPAs). Coordination of transnational projects together with teams of other jurisdictions. Advice in regulatory questions and European Energy Law.

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  • Compliance

    Consulting and training in Corporate Compliance together with 3C COMPLIANCE

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  • Sharing economy

    Specialized advice and adapted to all type of ideas and project in sharing economy.

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Aplicación privada del Derecho de la Competencia en España: Reclamaciones contra el cártel de camiones y legitimación pasiva de las demandadas

Auto del Juzgado de lo Mercantil núm. 12 de Madrid. Procedimiento ordinario 1264/17. ECLI: ES:JMM:2018:65A. Fecha: 23 de mayo de 2018 Con fecha 23 de mayo de 2018 el Juzgado Mercantil nº...

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