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    Comprehensive and cross knowledge applied to each case

    Independent and precise legal advice. Transnational transactions and legal matters, European Law and national and European Competition Law belong are part of our day to day.

  • Abogada & Rechtsanwältin

    Imagination, Specialization and accuracy

    We work hand in hand with each client, so that the project can be developed as fast as possible. Each transaction and question is analysed from the necessary perspectives.

    Our assessment can be completed with the experience and know-how from other jurisdictions

Julia Suderow

Julia is a lawyer specializing in Competition Law, M & A, International Arbitration and Private International Law and superior legal support in German or English.

In addition, he has extensive experience in legal advice abroad and to foreign companies in Spain.

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Success stories

  • Advice to institutions in Competition Law

    Participation in the project of Lear Lab and the World Bank for the Government of Kuwait: Reform of the Competition law and public procurement legislation.

  • European Law

    Advice to a group of professionals in European Labour Law and Freedom of movement in the European Union. Advice to a French producer about the authorisation and import of products in Spain and free movement of goods. Advice to a wholesaler about parallel imports and unfair competition

  • International transactions

    Advice to Spanish companies in the restructuring and investment in Germany. Advice to European Companies in their investment and restructuring in Spain.

  • Competition law and Damage Claims

    Advise in defense cases before the CNMC (Spanish Competition Authority) and regional Competition Authorities in Spain. Advice to victims of several transnational cartels. Competition Damage claims in Spain, Netherlands and Germany against Companies sanctioned by the European Commission


Aplicación privada del Derecho de la Competencia en España: Reclamaciones contra el cártel de camiones y legitimación pasiva de las demandadas

Auto del Juzgado de lo Mercantil núm. 12 de Madrid. Procedimiento ordinario 1264/17. ECLI: ES:JMM:2018:65A. Fecha: 23 de mayo de 2018 Con fecha 23 de mayo de 2018 el Juzgado Mercantil nº...

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